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Cut the electricity bill with mini-hydraulic turbines


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Easily installed in the pipes, the TH-640 mini-hydraulic turbines harness the water flow to produce energy and can considerably reduce a company’s electricity bill. In fact, they can fully cover the energy needs of any building, neighbourhood and eliminate the lighting costs of any municipal community, as well as carry electricity to energy deprived irrigated fields.

The current generated by this internationally patented innovative turbine can be utilised directly, stored in batteries or sold back to the electricity grid. It’s efficiency is the highest in the market and has no environmental impact. Furthermore it functions with liquid and gaseous fluids and in any position.

From 17 cm in size the mini-hydraulic turbine TH-640 is the only one that works with counter pressure (back pressure) and its electric performance is 57%, far above the 12% of the predecessor turbines that, in the majority of cases, reach a maximum efficiency of 25%. It consists of a mechanical system of rotation, equipped with blades and a generator connected to the blades mechanism by an axis.

The electricity production from the turbine is constant in places where the flow is continuous. The mini-hydraulic turbine can work with any fluid, whether liquid or gaseous, such as water, petroleum, oils and fuels. What is more, it can also operate with any gas like butane, methane, propane etc.

Various fields of application

Fluid networks:

  • Drip irrigation
  • Farmers cooperatives and irrigators
  • Water collectors
  • Wastewater collectors

Storage and pressure tanks:

  • Water supply reservoirs
  • Network water tank outputs and inputs for buildings (homes)

Industrial installations:

  • Hospitals
  • Pressure boilers
  • Factories
  • Natural gas pipelines
  • Laundries
  • Waterfalls

Furthermore, it can also be utilised as a complement for small solar and wind electricity generation installations, or complement both simultaneously, thereby creating a system of energy procurement through tri-cogeneration, ideal for installation in neighbourhood communities, hospitals, universities and other important centres.


The min-hydraulic turbine adapts to any type of installation, it is adjustable to different types of generators, acting as a flow regulation valve and can be manufactured in different types of materials and alloys with very high performances: 2” / 1Kwh.

In fact, to produce 1 Kw.h. they need:

  • 0.1 NM3 of natural gas
  • 860 grams of petroleum
  • 123 grams of coal

And the resultant CO2 emissions to the atmosphere are:

  • 1 Metric Tonne of natural gas = 2.1 Metric Tonnes of CO2
  • 1 MT of petroleum = 2.9 MT of CO2
  • 1 MT of coal = 3.8 MT of CO2

To produce the clean energy, the mini-hydraulic turbine does not consume electricity, nor does it produce residues acting as an environmental ally that hardly requires infrastructure work for its installation. With a simple manhole, or within an irrigation network shed, is sufficient to locate it.

Mini-hydraulic energy is qualified by power generation up to 10Mw, sufficient power to supply up to 2,000 homes. With the installation of 450,000 TH-640 turbines of 100Kw in Spain would eliminate all the CO2 emissions from the burning of gas, petroleum, and coal, that accounts for about 16,000 tonnes annually.

Image: Ricardo Ricote

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